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There are many reasons for saving. Sometimes it has a more specific purpose, like financing a car, buying a home, or going on vacation. Sometimes it is saved for a bad day.

Whatever the cost savings, you should always consider financing carefully. If you intend to borrow for a larger purchase, you should compare the loans before accepting the offer.

In addition to spending money on your income, you probably also pay attention to the cost of your purchases. In addition to prices, it is worth considering the ecological aspect of consumption.

The double benefit of saving

The double benefit of saving

Generally, the motives behind austerity only revolve around financial gain, but if you look closer you can get the double benefit. While being good for themselves, you can do something good for the planet.

Not only is reducing the use of plastic an environmental act, it can also save money.

The aim is to significantly reduce plastic production


The proposal, approved by the European Parliament, will ban many disposable plastic items from 2021 onwards. These include, for example, cutlery, plates, whips, and balloons.

These products are easily interchangeable with other materials. For example, whistles can be made from paper and take away coffee can be mixed with a wooden mixing stick instead of a plastic spoon.

The world currently produces more than 400 million tonnes of plastic, of which 2-5% is estimated to end up in the seas and disintegrate into small fragments and threaten the marine ecosystem.

The EU alone generates around 26 million tonnes of plastic waste annually. These figures are worrying and instead of growing, it would be good to get them down. Your choices matter and in some cases you can even save money by avoiding plastic products.

Plastic recycling

Plastic recycling

Sorting of plastic is important, and plastic collection pots have appeared in the courtyards of condominiums. Recycling plastic has been made easy for many households, so it should not be put in mixed waste. Caps, lids and the like must be removed if they are of different material before they can be collected.

Some of the packages contain PVC plastic, which should not be placed in a plastic container but in mixed waste. 

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