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At the beginning it’s very simple. You can easily apply for a loan from the comfort of your home. You sign a contract to a courier who comes to the door or you don’t even have to sign a contract. Just fill out the form and your money is on your account the same day. Then it is up to you what you buy for it and what dreams you will fulfill.

Many people get blinded. The first loan for television, the second for the car. And the third would be useful too. But living above conditions is risky. An intoxicating feeling can quickly be replaced by a bitter disappointment. And suddenly, the amount of all liabilities is much higher than revenue.


Non-banking companies and at the end executors are waiting

Non-banking companies and at the end executors are waiting

Whoever takes a loan today. Banks and private financial companies are offering us hard to resist. People most often borrow amounts from 50 to 300 thousand from banking companies, because banks often offer loans of this amount to their clients only on the basis of their balance and account turnover. And since interest rates are not so high, many clients take advantage of this option and buy something they don’t even need. At this point, people often like to live on debt, get used to a higher standard. And borrow again. But the lapping of the wedge does not last forever.


The debt trap closes quickly and then enforcers and bailiffs get on

The debt trap closes quickly and then enforcers and bailiffs get on

Later, these people find that they do not have enough income to pay off their liabilities, and at the same time the bank no longer lends them. Therefore, they start to use short-term loans from non-banking companies, and at that moment they are entering a vicious circle from which they are very difficult to escape. Repayments are high and companies willing to lend in such situations are still diminishing. They will remain only where it is possible to borrow low amounts, but at very high interest rates.


Many people begin to seek professional assistance only in the recovery and execution phase

When people finally start to solve their financial situation, it is often only because they are afraid of the practices of some law enforcement companies. These companies usually recover their debts in a very aggressive, sometimes illegal way. If the debtors started to solve their situation earlier, their case would not even have to reach this stage. Many of them hesitate to seek professional help because they feel that they will at least partially manage the problem themselves. In the end, however, they will still appear here. If they start to beat the wedge with a wedge, they will not be able to get out of this situation. And if relatives do not help or do not significantly increase their salary, there is no alternative but to seek the help of experts.


Advice at the end: Get advice on time, it is not a shame!


We often tell people that it is not a shame that they turned to us for help. On the contrary – it would be a shame if they did not solve their problem and let the situation go too far. If someone confronts debts face-to-face and looks for a solution, it is certainly not a shame. And believe that nothing by itself will really happen and change. It is better to resolve the situation in time while it can still be solved. The good news is that we are looking for a free solution for anyone who turns to us. If you have financial problems, do not hesitate and wait long. Our consultants will be happy to assist you, and if you really want to and we can, we can help you solve your situation.

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