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One of the basic tips for those who wish to acquire a credit card is to verify what are the benefits offered by the different institutions, in order to choose the one that suits them.

The problem is that many times we do not know how to use them and that is why we reject certain cards and prefer to keep the classic.

The classic “points” are a good option

But it is not the only thing we can get when we decide to request a plastic. Here are three benefits that are quite convenient if what we want is to save:

1. Months without interest: 

There are cards that include this benefit under certain conditions. If you see a “6-month interest-free” ad, you should make a large purchase because you won’t have to pay interest and you can split it up to pay little by little, month by month.

2. Refunds: 

2. Refunds: 

Other plastics offer a refund for the consumption of a certain amount. Of course, the entire purchase is not reimbursed but a percentage, but directly benefits our savings. Sometimes this has conditions that apply to the kind of products you can purchase, so they should be considered with caution.

3. Life or accident insurance 

3. Life or accident insurance 

For the purchase of plastic, life, accident and even auto insurance comes as a gift. Some institutions offer them for free while others with a discount. Ideally, find out what coverage it is to see if it’s worth it.

Take advantage of plastics but first to see which ones are best for your lifestyle.

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