The r4 card is like your USB storage device that has a rewritable memory. It allows the users to add or delete the games to their gaming console, if they have added new games or got bored of. The specialized thing about r4 cards is very user friendly and do not need to install anything like software from the internet to make this run on your gaming console. All you need to do is to simply run the CD, which comes with this device and then your r4 card is ready to use. If you want to use this card, it is very much important to buy r4 cards from the authentic dealer who gives you guarantee to service after sales on your card. In case of any problem occurrence, you can replace it for a new one.

The best thing about r4 cards is available at cheap prices, so you need not have to waste your time on the gaming consoles, if you got bored of it. With this card, you can simply add so many games and insert it in your Micro SD card slot to enjoy your most favorite games on your mobile devices. Now, these cards come in a nice carry case that has a very sleek and elegant look as well. The color of this carry case is mostly black. However, these cards have improved the value of gaming consoles and use them on your device for getting a new gaming experience. If you want this r4 card, you can easily buy it online from the authentic store and make sure that the r4 card has all the features and you do not miss anything.

Things you need to know about r4 cards

In recent days, the gaming has become a very big industry so most of the people rely a lot on their mobile phones. These handheld devices can satisfy their entertainment needs that result in the immense popularity of online games such as Nintendo r4. The current generation cards for Nintendo gaming console is r4, which constantly bring a lot of new ideas with innovations and modernization to stay ahead in this competitive gaming market. This card has a storage capacity of more than 2GB and its loading time is approximately about 6 to 8 seconds. Recently, the Team R4 has released a new iteration of this card with some necessary changes that look completely different.

Different types of r4 cards

There are several different types of r4 cards available today that come out with the advance technology and invention such as,

R4sdhc- It is a modified version of r4v2. It is able to accept up to 32GB of memory.

R4i SDHC- It is very reliable and good to use as well as a cheap option to consider.

DSTT- It is less efficient, but a compatible version of r4v2. It provides a great picture perfect support.

Ez flash- It is highly suitable for Nintendo DSI and also reliable to use.

Acekard 2i- This is one of the best cards in the market and offers several unique features.