There is a ton of diets out there, all promising the same thing: help you lose weight. Today, we’re going to take a look at a rather peculiar diet. It is a peculiar diet mainly because it is one of the only diets that require you to eat only 5 days a week, and fast for 2 days, rinse and repeat.

The diet I am referring to is the 5:2 diet. This is one of the Intermittent Diet plans that, as I’ve mentioned before, allows you to eat for 5 days straight, while the remaining 2 days of the week will be mostly about fasting.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. The fasting that this diet plan means is that you only eat a limited amount of calories on the 2 days. And for the 5 days of eating, you do not binge-eat to your heart’s content. The idea here is to eat somewhat of a generous amount of calories during the 5-day stretch, and a controlled portion of meals during the 2 days.

The 5:2 diet has been touted as a very successful diet because people have been losing quite a lot of weight following this diet plan. Studies have also shown that it decreases the likelihood of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

If you want to try this diet, you must learn a few important things:

  1. The two-day fasting- The 2-day fasting phase will entail you to eat only 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men per day for 2 straight days. This is akin to the hCG diet, only without needles.
  2. The 5-day eating- The 5-day eating is considered to be the “normal” eating days where there is little regard for calories. Although, since this is still considered a diet, be sure you do not get past 2,200 calories per day.
  3. Exercise Modules- There is a 5:2 diet community that you can find on the internet and they will help you with your journey when you follow the 5:2 diet plan. There are exercise modules that are laid out for you. For example, the Sedentary exercise module is for people who cannot incorporate exercise into their lives. These are people who are either so busy, or cannot do exercises because of physical disabilities. There are 5 exercise modules namely: Sedentary, Lightly Active, Moderately Active, Very Active and Extremely Active. Choose whichever exercise module you want.
  4. Eat healthy foods, minimize processed ones- This should be a no-brainer when it comes to dieting. Although, the 5-day eating allows you to eat as much as 2,200 calories per day, make sure that those calories are from healthy sources. You can eat some ice cream if you want, but be sure to limit it. Also, if possible, avoid any chips or highly salted foods.

With all of this being said, is the 5:2 diet for you? This is one of the easiest diets to follow because of a moderately loose restriction when it comes to eating. Although, be prepared to eat only a few calories for 2 days. But aside from that, this diet should be easy enough for people to do.