You’re probably a proud owner of an iPhone 6s and you really love the features as well as the things you can do with it.

You’re also a social aficionado where you frequently travel and possibly even go to places where there is a lot of wifi connections.

Now, the problem when using public WiFi connections, well, at least on the iPhone, is that it usually lists all of the available WiFi connections via alphabetical order.

This is quite nice if you’re managing files but it is not good if you are looking for a WiFi connection that offers superb signal clarity.

Wouldn’t it be great if the iPhone can actually prioritize WiFi connections based on the signal strength and not the first letter of the SSID?

Even though you cannot do this option by default using the iPhone’s settings, there is actually an app that can do this for you.

Today, I am going to talk about the WiFi Priority App for IOS Mobile Phones and this app does what its name implies.

This app, by default, will prioritize existing WiFi connections via signal strength and not by the default alphabetical order.

As if that is not good enough, it also allows you to prioritize Wifi Connections based on your preferences. Do you want to prioritize connections that have a near maximum signal strength (i.e. 4 bars)? The app can do that. Want to prioritize WiFi connections based on your top WiFi connections? The app can do that too.

Also, the WiFi Priority App for IOS Mobile Phones also disables to auto-join feature of the iPhones as well.

You can boost signal on your mobile phone with this booster.

This is so that you will have ample time to see the best possible connections in your area so that you can connect to it.

You’re probably wondering how this app does this kind of thing. Well, the WiFi Priority App for IOS Mobile Phones has its own algorithm in that it can actually look at WiFi connections based on the dB of that particular connection.

After sifting through the connections, it then presents you with possible connections with their corresponding signal strength.

You might notice that, for example, there are different WiFi connections that are neither arranged alphabetically nor arranged in any other order other than what you’ve set it to prioritize. For example, if you leave it with its default settings, it will always present you with the best possible WiFi connection first before anything else (this being the dB of the Wifi Connection).

Personally, I really love the WiFi Priority App for IOS Mobile Phones. Although this app isn’t free, this is an amazing app to have, especially if you’re consistently connecting to WiFi connections that have weak signals.

Furthermore, this app’s developer is really tuned in and he is accepting user feedback so that he can address any issues that may arise.

The WiFi Priority App for IOS Mobile Phones only costs $1 and for the price, you will get one of the best apps in the Apple App Store as of this time of writing.

If you want to prioritize WiFi connections, then be sure to get the WiFi Priority App for IOS Mobile Phones.