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This time invested is added to the one we dedicate the day we are finally going to buy the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinner products. In addition, that day it is likely that we throw ourselves into the supermarket longer than usual, due to the infinity of Christmas products that we will find and the influx of people who are in the dates near Christmas.

But how much time in total do we end up buying? According to a report by Mercasa, the Spaniards dedicate an average of 3 hours per week to make the purchase. This time has increased by 10% since the beginning of the crisis in 2008. The reasons are that we look for the best offers, the cheapest products, compare prices in each establishment and we are making mental accounts of the money we will spend while we put in the Shopping cart a new food.

Quality online business model aimed at buying food quickly

Quality online business model aimed at buying food quickly

Good Finance is a quality online business model aimed at buying food quickly, efficiently and easily. The lost time in looking for parking or backaches and arms that arise from carrying heavy bags is a thing of the past. Good Finance users can use this service through the app or the company website. Once they are registered, they can start making their purchase.

Users have the possibility to choose foods from different supermarkets or food stores. It is not necessary that all products are from the same establishment. In addition, there is no limit to fill the shopping cart. It is the same action that any user would perform in physical stores, but through the Internet. The advantage of this action is the saving of travel time.

After closing the purchase process

After closing the purchase process

Good Finance experts, called Personal Shoppers, are in charge of choosing the selected foods, based on the premise that all products are fresh to ensure their quality. In this step we will benefit from the knowledge about the state of the products that the Personal Shoppers have to receive products of the highest quality.

Finally, the Good Finance team sends the purchase to its recipient in less than an hour. In the event that one cannot receive the order in that period of time, the user can select when he wants to receive his purchase. The shipment can be scheduled.

But all the benefits offered by Good Finance do not end there. This new business model not only saves time, it also saves money! With a minimum order of 30 euros, users will receive a discount of 10 euros on their first order!

The shopping cart is usually heavier during the last days of the year as a result of the arrival of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Keeping a mental calculation of everything we buy and their respective prices becomes almost impossible. Therefore, if we want to be aware of everything we spend or what we can afford in relation to our income, the Good Lender app will help us manage expenses. We can make the purchase in Good Finance while we use the application of Good Lender and all this from the sofa of our house. Never before has the purchase been so comfortable, easy and profitable!

How to optimize the budget we invest in food?

How to optimize the budget we invest in food?

The first premise to save money is to organize. Knowing what we want to buy and what products we already have at home is key not to spend more than the account. Although Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are special dates it is not necessary to throw the house out of the window so that the dinner is of quality. Let’s see what guidelines will help us live two magical nights without too much budget.

1) Buy seasonal products

When selecting products in Good Finance, we must pay attention that they are seasonal products in the area in which we live. This quality will make food cheaper by not having to pay the extra price that includes imported products.

2) Organize meals according to food

If we already have certain purchased foods, it is preferable to use fresh products before leaving non-perishable products for later. For example, if we make the purchase at Good Finance one or two days before Christmas Eve, it is likely that there are foods that we can use for New Year’s Eve without having to buy them again. These products must be non-perishable for them to arrive in good condition. We will eat the fresh produce on Christmas Eve.

On the other hand, if we include vegetables or fruits in the menu, it is best to buy them in a can or frozen if we are going to take them to eat them so that they do not spoil. In this way, we will not have to throw them away and spend money silly.

3) Take advantage of leftover food

When we start to make the shopping list for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinner we can realize that we have food that we have left over from previous meals. If this is our case, we can use them to prepare other dishes for dinner or to give a new touch of flavor to dishes already made or thought.

4) Freeze food

We may have been exaggerated with the amounts of food we put on the table on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. The best solution is to freeze what is left over and eat it another day. It’s a good trick to use the food left over on Christmas Eve on New Year’s Eve.

5) Home cooking

It will be much cheaper to buy all the ingredients and cook dinner ourselves than to buy the ready-made dishes. Many people choose the second option because it is a way to save time, but with the new business model of Good Finance, we will have enough time to start cooking.

With these tricks, added to the Good Finance service and the Good Lender app, our economy will not suffer even if we are hosting Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners. Don’t be afraid to invite your friends or family to dinner at home! Relax and enjoy Christmas with the people you love most?

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