Rainbow Six mining operator progress, game systems, pre-order bonuses and more revealed


Ubisoft has released a new video featuring Rainbow Six mining operator progress, game systems and more! If you’re curious about how many maps there are in the game, how many Operators will be available, how many weapons are there at launch, and more, head over to the video and recap below.

Progress of the Rainbow Six mining operator, video presentation of the game systems:

Rainbow Six mining preview:

  • 18 elite operators
  • 12 constantly evolving maps
  • 13 missions
  • 25 gadgets
  • 69 weapons
  • 13 enemy archetypes
  • Unique progression system
  • All new knowledge
  • Cross play
  • Four difficulty levels
  • Ranked mode
  • Free “extensive” post-launch support confirmed

Pre-order bonus:

Orbital Decay Pack:

  • Exclusive epic items such as Orion’s Uniform and Headwear for Finka and Lion
  • Vaporized Universal Weapon Skin
  • Crashlander Charm

Ubisoft also announced that those who have played both Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction will instantly unlock the full roster of 18 Extraction Operators in Siege and receive the United Front Elite Cosmetic Packs in both games.

More info in the press release:

Players will deploy to 4 diverse regions across the United States including New York, San Francisco and two other regions, and face the alien threat in 12 all-new, unpredictable maps. Each map is roughly three times the size of previous Rainbow Six Siege maps and contains unique dynamic modifiers, ensuring no raid is ever the same. Tackle 13 different mission objectives in tactical forays, including one called Gateway Objective, in which players face off against a Protean, a deadly Archean variant that has taken on the form of REACT operators and mimics their behavior.

For Rainbow Six Siege fans, Extraction not only presents an all-new Rainbow Six story featuring several of their favorite Siege characters, as well as all 12 entirely unique maps to master, but also a whole new twist to the gameplay features. Familiar: For the first time, players can level up with a custom leveling system for each of the 18 Rainbow Six Operators, allowing them to advance their Operator’s gear, weapons and abilities to a whole new level manner. As they level up, players will also permanently unlock new containment areas, operators, customization items, new REACT technology, higher difficulty levels, and more.

With 13 archetypes of dangerous Archean variants, infestations, parasite mutation challenges, many types of incursion, and exciting new game features including nests, spores, and sprawl. Mining also offers players who like challenges an exciting bet: mining and collecting their rewards or digging deeper into the sub-areas of each map, facing higher risks with richer rewards for those who do. living. If they fail to extract, their operator will be reported missing (MIA), but they have the option of returning to the containment zone to rescue their downed operators. For players who like more difficult challenges, there will be a feature-rich PVE system called Maelstrom Protocol, which will be detailed at a later date.

Rainbow Six Extraction is slated for release in January 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. The game will also feature corssplay, cross-save, and cross-progression.

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