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Reforming a house is always exciting, but also a certain headache and, of course, it’s scary. Yes, especially when we have a modest budget that we must stick to, right? Many also consider it impossible to undertake a makeover at home with a meager amount of money.

For those skeptics, we dedicate this post because you can make renovations at home without having to apply for a personal loan to a bank. Those little miracles exist if we act with a head and imagination. The truth is that small changes – well thought out – can be a spectacular before and after in our home. If you apply, we are sure that you will be surprised how much a little money can give you – including a small online loan. Let’s go see it.

Analyze what the state of the house is

Analyze what the state of the house is

Before embarking on a reform, we need to weigh what are the main weaknesses of the house, in addition to its strengths. In this way, we would have to establish which are the points that need more immediate intervention and where we can postpone the changes.

Thus, we will give priority to the most urgent and only reform the secondary aspects in case the budget finally allows us.

Cheap materials

Cheap materials

Some may think that cheap material will soon generate problems in housing. However, the advancement of technology has introduced new materials on the market that allow for remodeling without incurring a large outlay: vinyl, PVC, moisture-proofing paints … Take a look because maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

The lighting

Redistributing the points of light or changing the lamps always help to improve the appearance of the house, modernize it and provide it with a new atmosphere.

The kitchen

One of the rooms that soon accuses the passage of time is the kitchen. However, it is true that reform usually takes a good amount because the kitchen furniture is not characterized precisely by the economic price.

However, do not demoralize or throw in the towel before an outdated kitchen, since there are ingenious and cheap ways to give a very successful face wash. Take note of our advice so that the ‘kitchen operation’ is successful:

  • Choose to line the cabinets with gloss or matt vinyl. If you go around the specialized stores you will see that they offer a wide range of these materials. In addition, if you combine it with antique or restored furniture you will run into a very different and beautiful kitchen at a unique price.
  • The walls can also earn a lot if you paint the tiles, use resistant paper or special vinyl. You will see how you can even cover the damage and hide that old-fashioned taste of the walls. We are sure that an inspiring walk through a DIY center will give you many ideas about what you can do despite your modest budget.

In the bathroom, repeat the operation.

We are facing another of the sensitive points of the house. But surely with imagination, you can reverse that old look: change the tiles, replace the old faucet, replace the bathtub with a shower tray … You would do well to stimulate your imagination with decoration magazines or, much cheaper, by consulting the many websites dedicated to decoration such as Houzz or EspacioLiving. You will see how you love everything you see and, what is better, that it is possible to apply it to your home.

The carpentry

The carpentry

Another headache can be the windows and doors of the house. It is possible that your old-fashioned aesthetic does not like a hair, but if they are in good condition, you can lacquer them, paint them or give them a spin with a different color. You may be surprised by the result. And best of all, you can do it yourself.

Not surprisingly, there are many websites, books and courses that teach us to be a true ‘do it yourself’ virtuous. Of course, if they are damaged you will have no choice but to replace them with new ones.

Textiles can revitalize your home

Textiles can revitalize your home

Do not underestimate the power of textiles when giving a new look to your home: curtains, cushions, pillows … If you choose well, you can ‘reform’ your house simply by changing the fabrics.

Restore furniture

Also take advantage of old family furniture or even some of the trail and even rescued from the same garbage, it can be a success if you know how to restore it. The truth is that you can get a lot of beauty and style from the junk that many consider ugly. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a touch of color or a lacquer.

In addition, antique furniture is listed on the rise in decoration magazines, as they are a very successful option that can give any room that needs a touch of originality a lot of personality.

We are sure that once you discover the pleasure of antique furniture, you will not want anything else. Especially if you end up becoming a skilled restorer. Go ahead with it.

Apply for a loan online for a cheap reform

Apply for a loan online for a cheap reform

The truth is that these reforms that we have proposed in our online loan comparator do not require a large outlay of money. In fact, you can carry them out with an online loan from our website. With this small amount of money, time, dedication and patience you can reform your house from top to bottom and enjoy the result.

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